Welcome to my

Hello, I'm Felipe "Lipe" Pereira.

I plan, design and code. Orange is my favorite color, juice and fruit.


I do Design, Front & Back ends, API's, Cloud, and all of that good magic stuff that keeps the World running.


Android or iOS? Pick your flavor and let me show you my recipee for a solution available at your fingertips.


It must work AND look good and intuitive. Details matter. Like having the same char count on 3 descriptions.

Take a look around.

See what I have done and can do to help you. My focus is: Design with a mission.

On the Interwebs

"It's all about sending a message"
- The Joker

Apps to go

"Near, far, wherever you are"
- The Titanic song.

Design with a purpose

"Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance"